Sunday, July 25, 2010

Who stole my Chi?

The struggles of learning and continuing Chi Running...

Right when I think I have it down and can run forever, my knee starts to hurt a bit. The pain comes and goes as I adjust my form. At the end, I think I will have to rest for a day or so, but when I wake up, the pain is gone, and I'm fine. It has been a roller coaster for sure. Icing and stretching seem to help a ton. Each day bring a new challenge, a new high, and a new low. The process is the journey and I want to remember it when I finally get the form down.

And it's back....Had a great 6.44 mile run through the hills. No pain and sliced right through the hills.

Came and went today. 6.02 mile run, mostly flat, Chi came and went. Slowing the pace and correcting my form made knee pain go away. Lesson learned.

Chi comes and Chi goes...

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