Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

September 25 - October 2, 2011 Training

Sunday 9-25-11 
Griffith Park, Mt. Lee 
Distance: 13.36 mi 
Time: 2:28:32 
Avg Pace: 11:07 min/mi 
Elevation Gain: 2,264 ft 

Better than expected run. Have not run over 10 miles in 23 days. Was surprisingly fresh. Happy to know strength up with shorter runs. 
Monday 9-26-11 
Elysian Trail 
Distance: 4.58 mi 
Time: 48:02 
Avg Pace: 10:29 min/mi 
Elevation Gain: 519 ft 

Recovery run. Not a ton of energy.  

Tuesday 9-27-11
Distance:2.70 mi
Avg Pace:9:42 min/mi
Elevation Gain:122 ft
Road run.  Tested new CEP compression calf sleeves.  Seemed interesting, not sure what it's doing yet.  Had a PF acute pain in rt foot.  I think the scar tissue broke again.

Thursday 9-29-11
Distance: 5.39 mi
Time: 50:41
Avg Pace: 9:24 min/mi
Elevation Gain: 550 ft

Back on the trails. Trial #2 for CEP calf sleeves. Conclusion is that I will reserve them for recovery only. Lost some stability in the knees with them on while running. New trail socks trial (Asics trabuco wool qtr.) worked fantastic. I thought that road and trail socks would perform similarly, but was converted.  Less pressure in the sock toebox.

Friday 9-30-11

3.5 miles total.  Ran 1 mile to see how "fast" I could do it.  Ran 7:13 on the dirt into a headwind.  Thought I could run 3 of these, turns out, 1 is enough.  Interesting training though.

Saturday 10-1-11
Distance: 10.55 mi
Time: 2:27:25
Avg Pace: 13:58 min/mi
Elevation Gain: 2,710 ft

Sunday 10-2-11

Distance: 9.22 mi
Time: 2:01:20
AvgPace:  13:10min/mi
ElevationGain: 1,966 ft